New York Month in a New York Minute

It’s been a while since Rachel or I have posted on this blog. This is mainly my fault since I was the next to post about our wild southern roadtrip. However, I recently accepted an internship in NYC and have been spending alot of time working and exploring. So now I finally have selected some of my favorite sights, sounds, and tastes (of course), from June to share.

When you are in New York, there is always a view to admire. I get to see the Flatiron Building, and I’m surprised how many people ask me what that is. Between Fifth and Broadway sits this wedge shaped structure looking over Madison Square Garden with beautiful Greek column-like details along its many windows.  I remember seeing it as a little kid with my family on one of our first trips to the city. My Dad told me it was  named after its resemblance to a clothes iron. I just thought it looked like a slice of pie. It was one of the tallest buildings in New York during the time it was built, and first considered an eye sore by many critiques. However, now tourists flock to this building to take it’s picture, getting in every commuters’ way when trying not to be late to work.

photo (13)

After the first day of work, and admittedly gawking at the view in the middle of the street. I met up with some friends to check out Taste of Times Square. As it name suggests, restaurants from all over the city line up the streets in Midtown, giving everyone a sample of their cuisine at each stand. There was everything from Bareburger (as previously mentioned) to Ruth’s Chris Steak House to Juniors Times Square. It was very crowded, but the lines kept moving, and it was easy to find some drinks for one ticket or two to keep you cool. The music alongside the event was also very enjoyable. Some of my favorites had to be an instrumental swing band, and a saxophone player covering modern-day hits with a breakdancer moving to the music. It was an entertaing, and delicious way to have dinner in the city.

photo 2 (28) photo 1 (28)

The next week I was told about another food event at Herald Square. Broadway Bites highlights mouth-watering, up-and-coming vendors the city has to offer. I couldn’t make up my mind once I got there, but then I saw the bibimbap on display at Seoul Lee Korean Barbeque. I could smell the korean cuisine a mile a way and needed the Daeji Bulgogi Spicy Pork bibimbap, which is essentially a rice bowl full of various vegetables and your meat of choice with an optional egg, which I definitely added. It was spicy and tangy with the kimchi and creamy with the yolk running all throughout the mixed food and rice. I highly recommend you check out their stand and like their facebook page. They are hoping to open a restaurant soon, and if you liked their food as much as I did, show your support!

photo 3 (27) photo 4 (24)

A week later I met up with everyone before a friend’s show to try out Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too right by Columbia University. We all ordered their rum punch on special that day, and my mouth watered reading options like Louisiana catfish, North Carolina BBQ, and Southern Fried Chicken, reminding me of all the delicious food Rachel and I had on our road trip (I will be sure to write up a wonderful, nostalgic post on that in the near future). I ordered one of my all time favorite dishes, Oxtail. Then I could choose my two sides, candied yams and collard greens. The oxtail was delicious and the sides brought me back to the roadtrip. It was a great place to start the night.

We then ventured up a couple blocks to Silvana, a cafe by day with a downstairs music venue/bar for the night. We first saw the cafe front, questioning if this was the right place until we spotted a narrow set of stairs with a blue glow and musicians tuning up and ringing out onto the streets. Walking in, I was reminded of the shows I’d perform in people’s basements, but with a nice bar along the side below cheese grater lampshades. We got ourselves some drinks and a falafel plate, while listening to our friend’s band jamming out. The band, 6th degree, is a mix of reggae, afrobeat, and hiphop that takes a mind of its own when each musician solos, but effortlessly comes right back into the band’s eclectic vibe. The drinks were well-balanced and the falafel, proudly marked gluten-free on their menu, was some of the best I ever had. I could have ordered a dozen more if I had any room left!

photo 1 (29)

I learn of more and more gluten-free places in the city that taste great and are innovative. One of my new favorites is Pie by the Pound just south of Union Square. Not only do they have creative slices like their rosemary potato pie and nutella dessert pie, but they can make any pie gluten-free, have a great selection of gluten-free beers, and even a gluten-free membership that gives you discounts on every order and updates on gluten-free events. I had to try their brunch pie (eggs and bacon, what more could a girl ask for?) and Green’s Gluten Free Tripel Blonde Ale. I was a very happy customer and two days later ordered the same pie at work. That’s right, they deliver! A great find for any gluten-free pizza lover.

photo 2 (29) photo 3 (28)

Next was another friend’s band we went to see at the KGBBar, a “literary watering hole,” as described by google maps, down in the East Village. went up two flights of stairs to The Red Room inspired by the prohibition era, creating a space for music and drinks in a speak easy type environment. We went to see Upstate Rubdown, a large group with jazz, bluegrass, gospel, and folk elements effortlessly woven into every one of their songs. They make you want to dance and sing along whether you know their songs or their covers like Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” and Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On.”

photo 5 (22) photo 4 (25)

Some great summer nights and deliciousness I recommend to everyone, and I’m sure I will have more to inform you of as we begin the next month.





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